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Arlington Radon is NRSB certified and insured to perform radon mitigation, serving homes throughout Northern Virginia.

NRSB RRS Certification Number : 20G008

There are many steps involved in properly installing a well functioning radon reduction system. As seen in the photos, core drilling is an important part in most mitigation systems. These photos show the suction pit which has been core drilled through the slab. A optimally performing radon reduction system can have as much as 10 to 20 gallons of material removed from below the slab.

The radon reduction system should to be clearly marked so that everyone knows its function. Properly installed, all elements of the system are labeled and identified as a radon reduction system including visual or audible checks to verify positive operation.

All openings in the slab including any cracks or block openings should be sealed with the appropriate caulks, sealants and fillers for the best possible pressure field extension.

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